Globonaut is an open storytelling platform where anyone can share their stories about the world. Culture, nature, and travel are our central themes. We always aim to dig a little deeper and want to tell stories that make a difference.

Our Inspiration

Globonaut was inspired by a desire to create an open platform and community where anyone can share their stories about the world around us. It is an online travel magazine with a core crew of bloggers, but also a place for anyone to share their ideas and content.

Globonaut is a welcoming place for those who want to share their experiences on more than just their social media, but don’t necessarily want to set up their own blog and build a personal audience. Likewise, Globonaut is also an option for those who already have their own blog, but would like to be part of a larger community.

Globonaut aims to offer curious minds worldwide a safe and accessible platform. We are a platform for sharing your experiences with an interested international audience.


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